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How to register Konftel 300IPx account?

I am in the process of settings up an environment to work with Konftel 300IPx, how can I proceed to register an account to start working?



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answered by anthony-herbert

In order to register a conference phone line, you need to contact a SIP PBX or a public IP telephony provider.

With the Konftel 300IPx, you can store up to two account settings, with all the personal and SIP service provider details.

Log in to your Konftel 300IPx web server, click on the Settings tab and navigate to the SIP section.

Enable the Account 1 user and set up all the required values that are available for changing or those for which you have enough information.

Answer how-to-register-konftel-300ipx-account

Next, into the NAT Traversal section, select the required information and details, as well as the protocol you want to use in the Transport section, and click on the Save button.

Answer how-to-register-konftel-300ipx-account

Answer how-to-register-konftel-300ipx-account

Konftel 300IPx will show REGISTERING while performing the operation, and if the registration is successful, the account name you have selected will appear at the display's screen button (in this case, the name is set to be Conf 2).

Answer how-to-register-konftel-300ipx-account

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