Konftel 300IPx
pioneer (175)garrett-hutton
asked by garrett-hutton

What is the Konftel 300IPx default password?

I am having issues logging into my Konftel 300IPx, anyone has ideas about what is the factory or default password?



pioneer (221)anthony-herbert
answered by anthony-herbert

When the Konftel 300IPx is still with the factory settings and default passwords, you can use the PIN code "0000" (four zeros) for the user accounts, including the Default, Profile 1, Profile 2, Profile 3, and Profile 4.

For the administrator's account - Admin, you need to use the PIN code "1234".

It is recommended for you change the PIN codes to protect your settings. The PIN codes can consist of up to eight digits.

The administrator can change any of the user's PIN codes, whereas to change the admin PIN, a complete factory reset is needed.

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