New power supply and backup, with new general improvements


  • A3D9-T897 Audio Player input to select Line In
  • Power Supply & Backup
  • Wallbox Air & Tree
  • Belimo Air & Tree

Bug fixes

  • EFM: Consumption calculation adapted when only loads available
  • BG-I19045 EFM Rest of distribution board not calculated correctly
  • BG-I19009 Automatic Scene: actions after wait conditions are not executed
  • Automatic Jalouse Integrated: position not updated in visualisation
  • Plugin device search creates offline error message
  • BG-I19159 Room/Category dialog favourite checkbox cant be unchecked
  • BG2-T259 Belimo: Sensor/Actor limitation is calculated on actual usage
  • BG2-T258 Belimo: show Addressing-Error in search-dialog
  • Belimo: Malfunction/Maintenance handling

Stability improvements

  • Miniserver reboot when doing a Modbus server test command
  • Miniserver reboot due to Main Task Watchdog
  • Miniserver reboot due to Watchdog on a Gateway
  • Miniserver reboot when sending Tree to Air Bridge data to Monitor
  • Config crash after a dialog was opened
  • BG-I19151 fixed crash when deleting user tags in NFC learning dialog
  • BG-I19080 Config crash in plugin search dialog
  • BG-I19087 Config crash when learning devices
  • Miniserver SPS Watchdog reboot
  • BG-I19047 Config crash when adding certain 1-wire devices
  • BG-I19040 Config crash when calling “ resolve address conflict” in Dali learn dialog
  • BG-I19037 Possible config crashes
  • BG-I19019 Config crash when searching for Modbus
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