The Loxone Miniserver is the heart of a Loxone system, serving as a single point of control for all of your home and building automation needs. It can be easily expanded for additional functionalities, meeting all the demands of the customer applications. The Loxone Miniserver supports the Loxone Tree intercommunication and the Loxone Link and Air technology, thus enabling extended product support and automation instances for any network requirement.


The Loxone Miniserver is a flexible and intelligent server, used for home and building automation.

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Compatible products to Loxone Miniserver

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KNX Association KNX
KNX Association

662 11 96 351
Bus Systems

Amazon Alexa Voice Service
Alexa Voice Service

25 12 145 794
Smart Home Apps

Schneider Electric Modbus TCP
Schneider Electric
Modbus TCP

160 3 98 219
Standards & Bus-Systems

Electronic Industries Alliance RS232
Electronic Industries Alliance

284 0 0 75
Standards & Bus-Systems

Electronic Industries Alliance RS485
Electronic Industries Alliance

134 0 0 67
Standards & Bus-Systems

Schneider Electric Modbus RTU
Schneider Electric
Modbus RTU

75 1 0 31
Standards & Bus-Systems



  • devicebasedamianUpdate from damian

    Update: Fixed vulnerable security function

    Bug fixes


    • FTP server security vulnerability

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  • devicebasedamianUpdate from damian

    Update: New available features and general function improvements

    New features

    • Project Planning: New Tree cable

    Bug fixes

    • Invalid items in the intercom ribbon
    • Intelligent Room Controller: Displays ‘ Incomplete configuration’ after auto-update when the temperatur...

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