How to change the Loxone Miniserver network settings?

Is it possible to change the Loxone Miniserver network settings, and can it be done via the Loxone Config software?

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First, connect to the Miniserver, and select the gear icon named "Configure Miniserver" from the title bar as shown in the picture below.

A new window will pop up. To manually set up your IP address, the "Use Static IP Address" and enter the desired IP address, Subnet, Default Gateways, and the DNS server. After, press apply and send to Miniserver - thus the Loxone Miniserver has been assigned the new address.

Once you apply the changes, the Miniserver will reboot itself, showing a brief orange LEDs status if the command is successful.

If the lights don't show that, the Miniserver is not rebooted yet and the command has not been sent. This can happen if any firewall or antivirus software is blocking the command or, an issue between the device to the Miniserver is weak.

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