Certification process at PROFINET

What about the certification process at PROFINET?

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As a quality procedure, PI has defined certification for the IO device as binding. This ensures the interoperability of PROFINET participants.

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The applicants are receiving a test report from the PITL, and if the test report is positive, they can apply for the certificate at the PI Certification Office (PICO) within 3 years.

When it comes to devices, there are two different types of PROFINET certificates:

Device Certificate (for PROFIBUS and PROFINET) - Certificate related to the actual device sold to the end customer, for example, IO-station, PLC, drive, and so on.

This certificate shows the customer that the device is tested according to the standards of the technology.

Technology Certificate (only for PROFINET) - Certificate related to the technical reference implementation that is not sold to the end customer, such as evaluation board, ASIC, module, Software stack, or plugin board.

This certificate type shows the customer of any technology provider that the software or hardware components that they intend to use as part of their PROFINET device are precertified according to the technology standards.

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