How does the distribution of IP addresses work?

How are IP addresses distributed in a PROFINET system? / newcomer (61)


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There are several possibilities. On the one hand DHCP & DNS can be used and on the other hand like a static address assignment.

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PROFINET basically provides its own protocol (DCP) that enables the distribution of IP addresses without the need for an additional tool as the engineering tool (All in one management).

As with any Ethernet network, a PROFINET device has 3 addressing parameters - device name, MAC address, and IP address.

MAC addresses are as always predefined by the manufacturer and they rarely can be changed (and not often are changed).

The IP address can be assigned individually or through a DHCP server. The disadvantage of the DHCP server method is that the IP address is bound with the MAC address in the server. If you replace a particular device, the MAC address would change - therefore preventing the new device from obtaining the address until someone reconfigures the DHCP server.

There is another option, but also the BEST option, by using the PROFINET DCP (Discovery and Configuration Protocol). DCP is available for the engineer to control the assignment of device names and IP addresses, leaving the address management locally, available, and controller directly from a PROFINET application.

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