Windows 10 is an operating system developed for Windows computing hardware. Introduced to be an "operating system as a service", an approach that provides incremental improvements over time through ongoing online updates. This generation of Windows introduced Microsoft Edge as the successor to Internet Explorer 11, DirectX 12 and improved Xbox One integration, and several key UI changes from its predecessor.

Windows 10

An iteration of Microsoft's operating system released in July 2015 that introduced significant new features, integrations, improvements, and changes from the generation before.

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  • devicebasedamianUpdate from damian

    Update: New highlighted Cortana and search box improvements


    • New! The search box now appears, by default, on the taskbar when the taskbar is at the top of the user's screen or when they turn on the small taskbar button mode. Users can use the sea...

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  • devicebasedamianUpdate from damian

    Update: Security issues addressing update


    • It addresses security issues for your Windows operating system.

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  • devicebasedamianUpdate from damian

    Update: Addressing issues for the work of Microsoft OneDrive


    • It addresses an issue that causes Microsoft OneDrive to stop working. This occurs after you unlink your device, stop syncing, or sign out of your account

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