Windows 11 is an operating system developed for Windows computing devices. This iteration followed the "operating system as a service", an approach that provides incremental improvements over time through ongoing online updates. It introduced a new UI design, enhanced default apps, redesigned Settings app, deeper Microsoft Teams integration, further emphasis on Tablet and Docking mode, and more.

Windows 11

An iteration of Microsoft’s operating system released in October 2021 that brought a redesigned UI aesthetic and better integrations to Android OS and MS Teams.

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  • devicebasedamianUpdate from damian

    Update: A non-security update including multiple quality improvements


    • New! It provides the Quick Assist application for the user's client device.
    • It addresses some persistent update failures for the Microsoft Store.
    • It addresses the suspension of daylight s...

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  • devicebasedamianUpdate from damian

    Update: Security issues addressing update


    • It addresses security issues for your Windows operating system.

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  • devicebasedamianUpdate from damian

    Update: New non-security, quality performance, and functionalities improvement


    • It adds improvements to Windows search results and performance
    • It adds Task Manager to the context menu when you right-click the taskbar. This feature rolls out in the coming weeks
    • It add...

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