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Beckhoff EtherCATThe following overview shows a chronological course of the product life cycle of Beckhoff EtherCAT. With this overview, relevant technical news such as updates, known bugs and new functions, but also news about market launch, recalls or end of life are presented compactly. These software, firmware and hardware news were published by the manufacturer Beckhoff itself, selected partners or by the devicebase editorial staff. Become part of the devicebase community and stay informed about EtherCAT by following the product.

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  • expertnikolaUpdate from nikola

    Update: Extending compatible devices and a new version of the software


    ✔️ Added support for LabVIEW 2020.

    ✔️ Dropped support for the NI 9144.

    ✔️ Dropped support for the following EtherCAT masters:

    ✔️ cRIO-902x

    ✔️ cRIO-907x

    ✔️ cRIO-908x...

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  • expertnikolaUpdate from nikola

    Update: Lots of new features for Ethernet Master Stuck


    ✔️ Configuration: EtherCAT Network Information Format (ENI XML)

    ✔️ Cyclic process data update

    ✔️ Synchronous and asynchronous modes

    ✔️ Master triggered and user-triggered...

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  • expertnikolaUpdate from nikola

    Update: ETG provides a new educational tool for developers

    EtherCAT technology group offers manufacturers and developers as well as users support in EtherCAT technology services. This protocol is an additional tool to adapt to the needs of developers. The ...

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