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newcomer (8)h2firework
asked by h2firework

Gira Project Assistant does not import the ETS data?


I have now searched everything in Goog and only found the problem with the password.

My ETS project has no password.

Can anyone here help me?

Thanks in advance.

LGQuestion gira-project-assistant-does-not-import-the-ets-data



pioneer (214)sonny-s
answered by sonny-s

Hi there,

Maybe as a possible solution try setting up a project password and see if that resolves the problem with the Gira Project Assistant.

The window for the project password should look like the following:

Answer gira-project-assistant-does-not-import-the-ets-data

And if you want to change your password after that, by selecting the change project password settings - the window will look almost similar:

Answer gira-project-assistant-does-not-import-the-ets-data

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