The ETS6 Professional from the KNX Association is a single KNX standardized solution that can integrate incompatible KNX systems into the same project. The projects are simple to manage, allowing for flexible working in a browser-like environment. ETS6 includes a secure proxy, which allows for the use of secure smart devices and simplifies project topology and structure scaling. It adds 30 years of backward compatibility with existing ETS apps and plug-ins by supporting the new generation of enhanced KNX RF Multi devices.

KNX Association
ETS6 Professional

An ETS6 professional is a configuration software that is used to design, configure, and diagnose automated KNX solutions by creating and customizing scenarios in dedicated simulation equipment.

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KNX Association KNX
KNX Association

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KNX Design and Planning Tool

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Configuration Software



  • devicebasedamianUpdate from damian

    Update: New improved user interfaces and functionalities with multiple bug fixes

    New features

    User Interface & Functionality

    • Licensing: Cloud licensing
    • Licensing: Guided licensing for ETS Apps
    • Project compare
    • Added the Ukrainian language
    • Archive: Added option to use the same archive ...

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  • devicebasedamianUpdate from damian

    Update: New important bug fixes and improvements

    Bug fixes

    User Interface & Functionality

    • KNX Secure
      • Handling of the secure group addresses on the bus interfaces
    • User Experience
      • ETS6 freezes after download or after specific operations
      • ETS6 closes durin...

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  • devicebasedamianUpdate from damian

    Update: New functionality improvements and resolved issues

    New features

    User Interface & Functionality

    • Migrate ETS5 archived project(s) into ETS6 project archive
    • Dongle firmware upgrade feature
    • Allow multiple Legacy TP-RF Media Couplers in an RF main segme...

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