Designed for small meeting rooms of up to 5 people, the Trio 8300 offers full-duplex high-quality conference calls enhanced with core Poly signature audio technologies for echo cancellation, noise reduction, and active voice detection. This conference phone features a 3.5-inch LED display with a 12-key keypad and has a built-in 3-array microphone to accomplish the 360-degrees 12 feet (3.7 meters) voice pick up range. It provides Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz), USB, and IP connectivity combined with a user-friendly user interface for flexibility and convenience. The future-proof architecture ensures compatibility with most upcoming video conferencing and content sharing accessories.

Trio 8300

One of the Trio Series conference phones ideal for small rooms that features a classic physical keypad and capable of Wi-Fi network connectivity.

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Zoom Inc. Zoom Video Conferencing
Zoom Inc.
Zoom Video Conferencing

213 155 431 1.4K
Unified Communication

8x8 Meet

4 0 0 141
Unified Communication


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  • devicebaseroland-cUpdate from roland-c

    Update: Zoom Rooms Controller Update, Zoom Nomadic 911, And Some Fixes


    • Zoom Rooms Controller Update
      Trio 8500 and 8800 systems, when optimized for Zoom Rooms, act as a controller for Zoom Rooms via the system's touch user interface and provide audio for Z...

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  • devicebaseroland-cUpdate from roland-c

    Update: Support For Call Forwarding Softkey, RingCentral & Zoom Feature, More


    Call Forwarding Softkey Support
    This release adds a Forward softkey to the phone screen for users to forward incoming calls on a shared line provisioned by Zoom Phone.
    RingCentral Featur...

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  • devicebaseroland-cUpdate from roland-c

    Update: Brings Mandatory Message Confirmation For Outbound Calls


    Add a Mandatory Message Confirmation for Outbound Calls
    Configure Poly Trio systems to lock and display a configurable message when the phone boots up after losing power. Until a user ...

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