The Panacast 50 is a video conferencing camera ideal for small to medium spaces. It features 3 cameras that provide a 180-degree field of view, 8 microphone-array, 4 speakers (2 woofers and 2 tweeters). It also offers notable features such as a 4K UHD picture, full-duplex audio, and stereo audio output.

PanaCast 50

A 4K conferencing video bar with multi-camera array to achieve panoramic view.

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Zoom Inc. Zoom Video Conferencing
Zoom Inc.
Zoom Video Conferencing

215 201 434 1.7K
Unified Communication

Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR)
Teams Rooms (MTR)

39 12 68 1.3K
Unified Communication

Zoom Inc. Zoom Rooms
Zoom Inc.
Zoom Rooms

68 28 16 659
Unified Communication



  • devicebasedamianUpdate from damian

    Update: New Status LED light features for better presentation


    • New feature: Status LED will now blink every 5 seconds to represent the camera in standby mode with anonymous people count active but no live video streaming. Live video stream status i...

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  • devicebaseroland-cUpdate from roland-c

    Update: Improved Performance And Addresses Various Issues


    • Performance and stability improvements

    Bug fixes

    • Fixed: On rare occasion Panacast 50 may suddenly stop streaming video and the screen may go black.
    • Fixed: Accurate perspective correction ...

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  • devicebaseroland-cUpdate from roland-c

    Update: Dynamic Composition, Updated Whiteboard UI And People Detection, Fixes


    • New feature: Dynamic Composition - which offers tiled view of up to 4 participants
    • Updated: whiteboard UI that enables users to a wider range of view
    • Updated: people detection accuracy - f...

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