The compact table robot weighs only 11 kg, but has a payload of 3 kg, can rotate 360° at all wrists and infinitely at the end joint. The patented technology allows operators without programming experience to quickly set up and operate the UR3 with intuitive 3D visualization. The average set-up time is only half a day. In addition, the UR3 can be used in several applications without you having to change your production layout. Switching to new processes is quick and easy and gives you the flexibility to automate almost any manual task, even those with small batches or quick changeovers. The safety system of the Universal Robots UR3 is TÜV tested and certified.

Universal Robots UR3

Universal Robots' UR3 is a smaller collaborative benchtop robot, ideal for light assembly tasks and automated workbench scenarios.

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New functionalities and bug fixes

Update from damianUpdate from:
damian (expert)
Version: 3.15.8

New embedded bug fixes and improvements

Update from damianUpdate from:
damian (expert)
Version: 3.15.7

Polyscope GUI bug fix release for CB-Series only

Update from damianUpdate from:
damian (expert)
Version: 3.15.6
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